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And He Became Man: The Incarnation of God

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Bob and Gloria Hellman have been married for 50 years. Bob is a published author having authored five titles with major publications. His books have been received with acclaim in his field.

Harp Family Publishing was born out of a passion to disseminate helpful and applicable teaching materials via electronic medium.

Having noticed that Bob and Gloria themselves rarely purchased hard copy publications due to the immediacy and convenience of electronic distribution, Harp Family Publishing was conceived with the idea of bringing electronic literature to the masses.

At Harp Family Publishers we love to give, so it is our pleasure to provide all of our publications free of charge. However, we do accept free-will donations of any size. We are a small family run company and our desire is to provide encouraging works available to all. If a book is a blessing to you and you wish to invest in our cause, please choose your desired method of payment from the below options. Thank you for believing in Harp Family Publishing.

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And He Became Man:

The Incarnation of God

Memorable Gifts: A Christmas Gift Guide

Relief For The Broken Heart: Why Men Cheat

Reader's Reviews


This book provides a life-changing perspective! I commend Dr. Hellmann for his work.



Wonderfully written and a must read!



I have read the book three times and was blessed every time i read it. The book's content is exactly what I need.