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And He Became Man:
The Incarnation of God

The focus of this book is not baby Jesus in the manger, but the eternal God leaving His form as God, and being reshaped into the form of man. How the Almighty, YHWH, could become flesh, blood, and bones, is a mystery that is beyond man’s ability to comprehend. This book will bring,  to the reader, a mustard seed of understanding, and hopefully a state of awe. 

Relief for the Broken Heart: Why Men Cheat

The purpose of this book is to ease the pain of those who’s husbands have cheated. While this book is not an encyclopedia on the subject of male infidelity, it provides knowledge, that if understood correctly, will help the healing process. If you don’t need this book, perhaps you know someone who does. 

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Memorable Gifts: A Christmas Gift Giving Guide

This guide is intended to provide creative gift giving ideas for that special person in your life. Have you ever had anyone in your life who has everything? What about that person who "doesn't want anything?" This guide is designed just for that type of person. Learn how, over my 50 year marriage, I have been able to surprise my wife with her most cherished gifts which have led to life long memories.